Colloquium on Print Media Transformation

The last decade has been characterised by debates regarding the transformation of the print media in the country. In response to these debates, a commitment was made during the Department of Communications (DoC) Budget Vote speech on 6 May 2016, that transformation of the media would be the flagship project of the department in the 2016/17 financial year.

For the transformation process to work it must be all encompassing and should address issues of media and print ownership, measurements of circulation, distribution channels and assessment of regulations that govern the affairs of media practitioners.

It is within this context that the DoC hosted a colloquium on print media transformation. The colloquium was held over two days, 25 and 26 August 2016 at Freedom Park and aimed to:

  • discuss and debate key priority issues that have emerged through our desktop research and interaction with stakeholders;
  • bring together a broad range of stakeholders that can contribute positively to the debate on media transformation and diversity priorities; and
  • encourage the sharing of ideas to inform the policy process.

It was anticipated that the colloquium would attract around 150 delegates from government, academia, media houses and civil society, including other key role players.


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