About the Department of Communications (DoC) website

This page provides information about the Department of Communications (DoC) website, including:

Purpose of the website

The purpose of the DoC website is to:

  • provide its target audience with easily accessible information about the GCIS and its activities and programmes
  • disseminate government information which falls within the mandate of the department
  • provide a vehicle for interaction between the GCIS and the public
  • promote the GCIS and government's image.

The main target audiences for the GCIS website are

  • the broad public
  • the media
  • national, provincial and local government
  • the international community.


Content available on the website

The website provides information about the department, including its vision, mission and key objectives, its structure and functions. You can also find information on the Minister responsible for the department and the executive management of the DoC. You can also find information about the agencies that were established under the executive authority of the DoC.

The website contains information on information resources, such a strategid documents, legistation and policies in the Resource Centre

The DoC's media statements and speeches are posted in the Newsroom as soon as it is made public.