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  • Industry 4.0: Big opportunities, big risks for Africa, 21 Jan 2019
    The theme for this year’s edition of the World Economic Forum (WEF), taking place in Davos between the January 22-25, is “Globalisation 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

  • South Africans unite to undermine what divides us, 18 Dec 2018
    There have been many positive strides to foster reconciliation and national unity since the dawn of our democracy. However, the remnants of apartheid such as racism and privilege attached to race continue to run deep.

  • Culture of silence fomenting gender-based violence, 17 Oct 2018
    Reporting on gender-based violence is often heart wrenching for reporters who are confronted with the harsh reality of a horrific crime. There is also the very delicate issue of what information can and should be shared.  

  • Albertina Sisulu honoured, 16 Oct 2018
    There are many remarkable men and women upon whose shoulders our nation has been built. Their powerful contributions to our struggle for freedom charted the way for a country that belongs to all South Africans.

  • Madiba is gone, but his ideals still inspire us, 2 Oct 2018
    An activist who became the world’s most famous prisoner; a prisoner who became a President and changed the world. This is the inspiring story of former President - and the father of South Africa’s liberation and constitutional – democracy Nelson Mandela. 

  • SONA enables us to take part in our democracy, 9 Feb 2017
    The State of the Nation Address (SoNA) has become a key feature in our nation’s calendar. It is a rallying point for South Africans and a valuable source for those who wish to take the pulse of democratic South Africa.

  • Call to citizens to ensure the legacy of Tambo lives on, 8 Feb 2017
    When President Jacob Zuma takes to the podium tomorrow to deliver his annual State of the Nation Address, the nation will be waiting in anticipation. The President will exercise his Constitutional powers to call for a joint sitting of Parliament, namely the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces.

  • Print media can help carve out a new vision, 25 Aug 2016
    At some stage almost everybody would have read or seen something in the mainstream media which was at odds with their own life experience.  This is hardly surprising given the diverse nature of our country, the array of cultures and the vastly differing circumstances of most South Africans.

  • Colloquium will seek to foster greater diversity in the media, 18 Aug 2016
    “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” These are powerful words of Malcolm X and they ring true to those familiar with our history, especially under apartheid.

  • Government programmes have made strides in AIDS fight, 14 Jul 2016
    For many South Africans living with HIV and AIDS, the country’s free antiretroviral  programme is a second chance. These proud South Africans live healthy lives and are productive members of our communities.

  • Opening door for blacks into economy, 30 Jun 2016
    The transformation of the country’s R124 billion revenue marketing, advertising and media sector is imperative, given the strong influence it has on the aspirations and values of many South Africans.

  • Fort Hare centenary, 22 May 2016
    The small town of Alice in the Eastern Cape is set to come alive this month as the University of Fort Hare celebrates its centenary. The town will be the destination for some of the continent’s most prominent political and business leaders. The event, which is set to take place on 20 May 2016, will see families whose ties with the university run through generations joining in the commemoration.

  • Together, we can overcome that which seeks to divide us, 1 Apr 2016
    For centuries, family units, communities and individuals have been united by the power of prayer and a sense of higher purpose. This sense of unity and striving for the greater good is universally practiced across all faiths.

  • Not all doom and gloom with economy, 26 Aug 2015
    It is not all doom and gloom on the economic front, as some of the naysayers would have us believe. The government has moved swiftly to counter economic headwinds and the country’s plan to ignite growth and jobs has improved our economic prospects.

  • Clock’s still ticking… but time to act is now, 20 Aug 2015
    In August we celebrate the numerous actions by courageous women on our road to democracy. Women’s Month is also an opportunity to reflect on the strides we have made since democracy.

  • Still not enough women in SA media, 12 August 2015
    On August 9 1956, about 20 000 women of all races sang “Wathint`abafazi, Strijdom!” (You Have Struck a Woman!) as they arrived at the Union Buildings. Although the protest focussed on discriminatory pass laws, it was a concrete affirmation that the struggle for liberation would not be won without women activism.

  • Delivering Digital TV to all our citizens, 30 Jul 2015
    The recent ruling in favour of government by the North Gauteng High Court regarding set-top-boxes is not only a victory for government but a victory for every South African. The ruling clears the way for government to speed up the process of digital migration and broadband roll-out to the benefit of all.

  • SA, China media challenged to improve coverage, 26 Jul 2015
    Changsha - The South African and Chinese media need to improve their coverage to inform the world about the achievements of the two nations, says Communications Minister Faith Muthambi. “Through our bilateral relations with China, we’ve achieved a lot in terms of improving the lives of our people, but my view is that our media are not doing enough to share these stories of success with our people and the people of world.-

  • Communications Minister Muthambi arrives in China, 24 Jul 2015
    - Communications Minister Faith Muthambi has arrived in Changsha, China, to attend the 2015 Ministerial Workshop on Development and TV Media for developing countries. The workshop focuses on the development and management of radio and TV media exchanges and cooperation between China and other developing countries. It further introduces the development of Chinese radio and TV industry to participants of the workshop from theory to practice.-

  • We’re not trying to muzzle the media, 21 Jul 2015
    Amendments to the online content regulation regime are necessary and are in no way an attempt to muzzle the media. South Africa’s online environment has evolved significantly in recent years. The number of people with access to the Internet has grown tremendously, and the ways in which people access information and knowledge differ quite markedly compared to just a short few years ago. Additionally, the profile of the average Internet user has changed. The ubiquity of smartphones and the availability of cheaper tablets have meant that the average age of the online user is becoming younger.

  • Mandela Day: Minister Muthambi to do community work in Giyani, 15 Jul 2015
    Pretoria - In an effort to remain true to Nelson Mandela’s ideals of making the country and the world a better place, Communications Minister Faith Muthambi will tomorrow contribute her 67 minutes through community work at Evuxakeni Hospital in Giyani, Limpopo. At the hospital, Minister Muthambi will interact with patients before she will be joined by the hospital senior management, Mayor of Giyani Local Municipality, ward councillors and municipal officials in painting the hospital she adopted last year.-

  • Nelson MandelaMake a big difference in just 67 minutes, 14 Jul 2015
    It was our icon, the late former President Nelson Mandela, who made the profound statement: “The time has come to accept in our hearts and minds that with freedom comes responsibility.” Mandela said this in February 1995, less than a year after we attained our freedom in the first democratic elections of 27 April 1994. As we once again prepare to honour Madiba and celebrate his legacy through the International Nelson Mandela Day on Saturday, it is important that we remember the responsibility that our freedom has brought to us.


  • Class of 2014: Give it your best, 22 Oct 2014
    Next Monday the entire country will hold its collective breath as the Class of 2014 starts writing the 2014 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination. This is an exciting period as the exams are a culmination of twelve years of hard work. It also serves as a crucial platform for these young people to launch their desired future.


  • Mandela created opportunities for all: Minister Muthambi, 8 Jul 2015
    Atlanta - With Nelson Mandela Day around the corner, Communications Minister Faith Muthambi says credit should go to the late President for bringing freedom that created opportunities for the country’s arts sector to access the American market. Minister Muthambi was speaking to SAnews upon her arrival in Atlanta, in the United States of America, on Wednesday, for the annual Lifestyle Show Hub. “We must be grateful that the love for peace and freedom by our late President opened many opportunities for South Africans across the globe.-


  • SA artists to showcase crafts in Atlanta, New Mexico, 8 Jul 2015
    Pretoria - South African artists are expected to participate at the folk art market that attracts thousands of people across the globe. This is part of government’s initiative to take locally manufactured craft products to the international markets. The initiative is supported by the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD), together with the Department of Arts and Culture, as well as the Department of Communications (DoC).-


  • SA to gain from ocean economy, 21 Oct 2014
    It is an exciting time for South Africa following the Operation Phakisa open day on the ocean economy. Operation Phakisa (Sotho phrase for “hurry up”) is modelled on the success of the Malaysian "Big Fast Results" methodology that was used to spur that country’s economic transformation and address national priorities such as poverty and crime. 


  • Going nuclear is the way forward, 15 Oct 2014
    Everyone would agree that a steady supply of energy is one of the inputs we need to achieve higher growth, drive job creation, reduce poverty and meet our social challenges. Our energy reserve margins have become increasingly tight as a result of strong new demand by industrial and residential users that accompanied our economic expansion over 20 Years of Freedom.