Everything you need to know about Digital Migration

Everything you need to know about Digital Migration


1. What is Digital Migration?
It is a process of moving from analogue to digital broadcasting.

2. What is the difference between Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and Direct-to-Home (DTH) services?
DTT refers to the use of a land-based network of television (TV) transmitters to broadcast digital signals.
DTH is a digital satellite service that provides TV services direct to subscribers.

3. The benefits of digital TV include:

  • Clearer sound
  • More channels
  • A digital TV guide with accurately updated schedules
  • Superior picture quality on a standard definition or high definition (HD) TV.

4. What do I need to switch to Digital Migration?
You need a Set-Top Box (STB), also called a decoder, which is a device that will decode the digital signal to enable
the channels to be displayed on your TV set.

5. How do I get an STB?
Two options are available: (1): The government will subsidise households that depend on social grants and those with a monthly income of less than R3 200. Such households must register at their nearest Post Office in order to qualify for the STB subsidy. (2): Households earning more than R3 200 per month are expected to purchase their own STBs.

6. Who qualifies to receive a subsidised STB?
The government will provide free STBs to five million poor TV-owning households.
The following groups may qualify to receive a free STB:

  • Poor TV-owning South African households earning less than R3 200 per month
  • Households with a functioning TV set
  • Households already covered by the SABC’s concessionary TV licence scheme
  • South Africans living around the border region areas and the Square Kilometre Array in the Northern Cape.

7. How much will the STB cost?
Prices will be announced once the STBs are available in the market.

8. Do DStv or TopTV subscribers still need an STB?
No. DStv and TopTV are already in digital format.

9. What should I do if my STB does not provide a good quality TV picture?
First check if it is not caused by a faulty TV aerial, TV wiring or signal reception in your area before contacting the  Call Centre.

10. Will I need a new TV aerial?
Probably not. The installer will advise you if need a new TV aerial or an adjustment to your existing aerial.

11. Do I need to buy a new TV set to receive DTT?
No. All analogue (old) TV sets will be able to receive DTT services. No TV currently in the market will be able to receive the DTT channels without an STB. Even when a TV is “digital ready” or “HD ready”, it will not receive a digital broadcasting without an STB.

12. Will I need to pay a subscription every month?
No, DTT is free for those who qualify for a subsidised STB. Those who do not qualify will be expected to pay a once-off fee. However, everyone must continue to pay their TV licences as required by the law.

For more information contact:
Call Centre: 0860 736 832
Email: dtt@doc.gov.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/godigitalsa