Integrated Digital Television (IDTV) in South Africa

An IDTV set has a built-in digital tuner and does not need a set-top box (STB) to receive digital signals. Most of the latest “Smart TV” or “Connected TV” sets with an Internet/WiFi connection have IDTV capabilities. Please check the specifications in the user manual of your TV set to verify if it has a built-in digital tuner called DVB-T2.

Note that if you subscribe to commercial pay TV services, you will need a decoder, even if you own an IDTV set. The IDTV set enables you to view all free-to-air TV broadcasts without an STB or decoder.

Currently, digital terrestrial TV (DTT) operates on the frequency range 470-862 MHz. All areas that have access to the existing analogue TV reception can, by default, also receive DTT signals.

The following list contains the confirmed IDTV sets currently available in the market. The list will be updated continuously as information becomes available from the different manufacturers. Please also contact or visit the websites of the manufacturers to verify the information in the event that you already own or wish to purchase an IDTV set.

The LG, Samsung and Skyworth TV brands are available in most retail stores in South Africa. When making inquiries from retail shops, people can just “ask for a preferred size of a TV set (i.e. 40 inch TV) with a digital turner”.

“Ask for a preferred size of a TV set (i.e. 40 inch TV) with a digital turner”

Specific model with digital turners are LG, Samsung and Skyworth are provided in lists below.

Digital Model List 2016/17 [PDF]