Meet Mayihlome Mzansi - The Mascot

Mascot: The body is derived from the Go Digital logo. The old-TV head brings forth the fact that the DTT platform does not require only modern digital TVs, it can also be accessed on a normal "old"  TV (with the use of a set-top box).

DTT Concepts Rationale

The overarching principle on both the concepts is the emphasis on connection. The DTT platform's biggest selling point is that it offers more choice of programming and better quality while using less bandwidth.
Different shapes are layered to create a dynamic background and an impression of space and dimension.

  • Coloured Map: To emphasize that this platform is accessible throughout South Africa.
  • Squares: the idea of squares come from the previous "It's coming" look that used coloured boxes to represent pixels. However they are abstractly used in single colour, layered and with rounded corners to give it a modern edge.
  • Lines: Lines are used to represent signal flow. Both curved and straight lines are used to depict movement and dynamism.
  • Circles with lines: A 2-dimensional circuit board is depicted by a combination of lines and circles; that is the idea behind this graphic to bring forth the technology element.
  • Bigger versions of this element are used as placeholders as well for copy and pictures. Colours: The colors used are adopted from the Go Digital logo