Closing Remarks by Deputy Minister of Communications, Ms Pinky Kekana at Mama Albertina Sisulu Centenary Commemorative Stamp launch

23 April 2019

This commemoration stamp is a continuation of our efforts to honour and celebrate the legacy of Mama Sisulu. We create such endeavors, so that young girls can know and learn that our history is a gendered history.

The narrative of our liberation is not only his-Story but, there’s also her-story and it counts just as much. We hope that this stamp will be the first of many to come, many women should be celebrated for the heroics.

The celebration of women who liberated us, and women in general, need not take place only on Womens day, everyday, somewhere, women advance a struggle which many might think is insurmountable, this commemoration Stamp is dedicated to them as well. 

Like mama Sisulu May they continue to rise up in their communities and inspire many other young women and men to contribute positively to their society, the struggles women face daily in our communities are not insurmountable we can and will have a violent free society in our lifetime, a society where women are not body shamed or harassed, we can build such a society.

Mama Sisulu taught us how to defeat oppression, we will use those lessons to defeat a patriarchal society.

The legacy of Mama Sisulu lives on malibongwe!

Media Statement date: 
Tuesday, April 23, 2019